Who Will Benefit From Sedation Dentistry In Parramatta, West Sydney, Wentworthville, Merrylands West



There is often a fear associated with visiting the dentist and getting treatment done. Sedation dentistry in Parramatta Dental Avenue, West Sydney, Wentworthville, Merrylands West, is the answer to this fear and pain. What is it and who will benefit from sedation dentistry?


Sedation dentistry is the use of sedatives and tranquilizers during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry makes use of intravenous or even inhalation drugs to help the patient relax and calm down during the treatment process so that he is not aware of the procedure and the pain.


Sedation dentistry is sometimes mistakenly referred to as sleep dentistry. Sedation dentistry doesn’t put the patient to sleep but sedates the patient into a state where he may feel sleepy.


So who will benefit from sedation dentistry? Sedation dentistry will benefit anyone who has a need for dental treatment, either because there is an infection or for cosmetic reasons but has a lot of fear and anxiety about going to the dentist.


Sedation dentistry will benefit also those who are afraid of needles as they can be sedated through inhalation without using needles.


Anyone who has very sensitive teeth will also benefit from sedation dentistry as it will help them cope with the pain during the treatment.


Those who have gag reflexes and find it difficult to have anything in their mouth will benefit from sedation dentistry.


Sedation dentistry will benefit patients with conditions like Parkinson’s or Cerebral Palsy which results in loss of motor control as the sedative will help relax the muscles.


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