What Do I Eat On The Shepherd’s Diet?


Many people who have used the Shepherd’s Diet can testify that it is a diet plan that you will quickly enjoy complying with its guideline. Unlike many other diet plans in the market, the Shepherd’s Diet is not restrictive and does not compel people to starve in order to achieve their dietary goals.

In this article, I provide the type of foods that people eat when they enroll in the Shepherd’s Diet.

With its insightful plan, the diet offers a comprehensive program on the kind of food that people should eat based on biblical principles. Contrary to other diet plans, the Shepherds diet refutes the notion that dieting is synonymous with eating less and shunning one’s favorite foods. Actually, with the Shepherd’s Diet, you will be allowed to eat any food with the only change being on the frequency of eating some kinds of foods over others.

For instance, the diet may require a person to eat more of groceries, completely barring one from enjoying some deep-fried foods.

In the first section, the author of the plan examines food and lifestyle that was eaten by Moses and the Israelites. During the time, Moses’ and the Israelites’ diet was based on groceries with much fewer fats.

In the same way, the author explains the need for having or focusing on grocery and foods stuff with fewer amounts of fats.

On the contrary, unlike the apple diet plan Kristina Wilds the author also recommends some special type of fats which have the ability to burn excess calories in the body. This is what makes the diet to be highly advocated for people seeking to lose weight and maintain a good body size.

So, What Are The Advantages Of Using The Shepherd’s Diet?

One of the advantages that come with the diet is that it is easy to use. Unlike other diet plans in the market, Shepherd’s diet provides a step-by-step and straightforward guide to the eating plan and the best types of foods. The diet plan recommends some easy to find ingredients, therefore, making it easy to be used any person regardless of religion and body size.

Additionally, Shepherd’s diet is highly flexible when it comes to the type of food to be consumed, and only explains on which foods you should start paying more attention to. The only disadvantage that some use to argue against the diet plan is that it is not a magical bubble that promises instant results. It requires a high of commitment to achieve the intended results.