Therapeutic Shoes for Diabetic Patients

Having diabetes can lead to different complications and among the messiest ones are diabetes foot diseases. With diabetes, risks of pathological repercussion are more likely to happen. Diabetes can significantly increase the risk of ulceration, nerve damaging, tissue destruction, infection, and even peripheral vascular destruction. People with advanced stages of diabetes must even wear specially designed shoes to minimize the risk of complications.


The diabetic shoes are specifically designed and made using certain materials to prevent skin breakdown. The fact is the footwear the diabetic patients wear is a significant factor to cause foot complications. Rubbing against skin and footwear material can cause lesion and it can rapidly lead to ulcer or infection. Wearing therapeutic shoes specially designed for diabetes, the risks can be minimized. It is important to understand that diabetic shoes must meet certain standards covering the design, materials used, and others. The therapeutic shoes must be prescribed by a physician and must be fitted by a certified professional to ensure the shoes are ergonomic and comfortable to wear while providing optimum protection against the risk of skin breakdown.

Not all diabetic patients will need to wear special therapeutic shoes. It depends on how severe the condition and whether the condition can be well managed. But in case you have prior wound or pre-existing foot condition, it would be highly recommended to consult with the physician about the need for therapeutic shoe prescription.

When you are prescribed to wear therapeutic shoes for diabetic, you will be referred to a professional certified as a diabetic shoe fitter. You need to meet the professional directly because it requires personalized fitting to find the perfect type of shoes for your specific requirement. Not only the specially designed shoes, it also requires removable foot orthoses to optimize foot support and protection. This kind of shoes won’t be cheap but luckily, therapeutic shoes for diabetic patients are likely covered by Medicare.