Some Facts About The Magic Stop Smoking Pill

You may be one of millions who get trapped by catchy ads of ‘magic pills’ that can cure you of your smoking habit without any effort. It is all tall talk. There is no such wonder drug. So, don’t wait for miracles to happen, and start making an effort to get rid of your smoking habit.

Well, I am afraid I have some bad news for you. It doesn’t exist yet. You still have to want to quit and put some effort in of your own. Yes, you read that right. You need to make the change and implement it of your own accord.

Regarding the ‘magic pills’, look at some interesting statistics:

* Quitting cold turkey is successful for approximately 3% of people (keep in mind that those 3% may not have quit on their first attempt).

* Most off the shelf pharmaceuticals claim efficacy of doubling your chances (6%) to increasing them fivefold (15%) at best.

* Other newly released products claim nearly twenty times the effectiveness of cold turkey. However, this rate of success was achieved by giving huge incentives. There was a fully supportive group and a team of team of doctors and counselors watching over them and testing each phase, and to top it all, they were paid for their efforts as well. Any one would quit smoking if someone else is willing to spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to help them do it! But, this is not the ground reality. How many people would be fortunate to get into this select group? In the ultimate analysis, this improved wonder drug will ultimately fall into the same percentages as every other pharmaceutical offering.

So we have 6%-15% success rate. Not the magic 100% everybody, including the pharmaceutical companies, want. Now don’t get me wrong, smoking cessation aids help – sometimes. But they help infinitely more if you place your faith in yourself and your ability to achieve your stop smoking goal as opposed to placing all your bets on a pill or a patch.

You may argue that if you had the willpower, you wouldn’t seek such measures in the first place. True, will power has to be built slowly and steadily. But the first step here is education and information. You should be aware of the real truths about your smoking habit and what it really takes to rid yourself of it. Since you cannot grasp all the information from an article or even a series of articles, you need to take a fully developed program that leads you step-by-step to your goal. There are several fully encompassing information programs to help you meet this goal.

I encourage you to seek out all the information you can find about smoking, nicotine, quitting and the benefits of quitting. You’ve spent years or decades developing your smoking habit, so now spend a few days or weeks even, finding the information that will help you quit without relying on a ‘magic pill’ to do it for you.

You’ll find that the more you know, the more successful you will be. This advice doesn’t just apply to quitting smoking, but in everything you do in life.