Learn How To Land A Job As A Home Health Care Nurse

Why are there so many people who want to become home health care nurses ? By 2020, the world will need almost one million nurses, as more and more population will be getting old or sick for various reasons. This will make it easier and more desirable to land a job in this field someday. Moreover, the nursing profession is perhaps one of the highest-paid professions these days. A registered nurse, for example, can earn an average of $50,000 annually.

The Difference between Regular Nurses and Home Health Care Nurses

In truth, there’s not a stark difference between home health care nurses and regular ones, except that you can find nurses mainly in hospitals while home health care nurses can mainly be found in hospices, nursing homes, and in patient homes. Normally, their patients are elderly, who may need some assistance from professionals. It’s also one of the reasons too why a travel nurse also specializes in home health care. Rather than allowing the patient to suffer or be inconvenienced by commuting, they offer their services at the comfort of their patient’s home.

How to Become a Home Health Care Nurse

A home health care nurse needs to have the following:

1. The proper degree. You can never be a home health care nurse unless you have a proper educational background, which includes a nursing degree. Almost all universities and colleges all over the world offer some type nursing programs, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to search for schools.

2. Certification. Home health care nurses need to be certified, or licensed, before they can practice their profession. Certifications can vary widely from state to state and country to country. A certified home health care nurse will want to be sure to be licensed properly to avoid legal issues. Anyone who wishes to become a home health care nurse should be aware of the rules and requirements in the area they wish to practice in beforehand.

3. Experience. Novice home health care nurses can still land a job; however, the more experience you have in this field, the higher your chances of getting better opportunities. While you can earn a sizeable income working for a home health care company, you will have more income potential if you are hired for private home health care nursing.

4. Patient bill of rights. A home health care nurse is required to provide a patient bill of rights to the patient or to the family or a representative of the patient just in case he doesn’t have the capacity to read or understand his rights. This means that nurses should be very knowledgeable in his or her duties and the rights of the patients under his or her care.

5. Close coordination with doctors. Nurses should have excellent communication and analytical skills so that medical situations can be described properly. Home health care nurses may need to coordinate with other health practitioners and doctors at times when the ailment is severe, requiring immediate help, or unusual, requiring a specialist.

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