How to Increase Testosterone Levels without Side Effects



Testosterone is a human hormone that is primarily produced by the male testicles. Although it is often considered a male hormone, women have low levels of testosterone as well. Testosterone is known to play important roles in the human body regarding muscle growth and fat loss.

Moreover, in men, testosterone actively regulates male sexuality and the reproductive function. Bone density and red blood cell levels are also influenced by the levels of testosterone in the body.

On the downside, the natural levels of testosterone begin to decrease around the age of 30. Although the decrease is natural, it can also be accentuated by several factors, such as statin intake or estrogen-like compounds that are found in food and water.

In order to combat the decrease of testosterone men usually resort to various testosterone supplements or testosterone replacement therapy. Not all supplements work through the same mechanism: some may directly increase the levels of testosterone while others may prevent already-existing testosterone from being converted into estrogen.

Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men

Low testosterone causes a wide range of symptoms in men. However, most of these symptoms are often subtle. According to the latest medical consensus, low testosterone levels are considered to be those under the value of 300 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter). In order to determine the exact value of circulating testosterone, a serum testosterone test is used.

Low Sex Drive – Although the majority of men experience loss of sex drive as they age, low testosterone levels can accentuate this loss even further.

Erectile Difficulties – Testosterone doesn’t directly cause and maintain an erection but it plays a key role in regulating the hormones and enzymes that do.

Hair Loss – With aging, most men start losing their hair. However, while this usually occurs at scalp level, low levels of testosterone may cause the loss of facial and body hair as well.

Muscle Mass Loss – Low levels of testosterone have been shown to cause a decrease in muscle mass. However, it should be noted that testosterone doesn’t play a role in muscle strength.

How to Increase Testosterone Levels

There are two ways to go about increasing your testosterone levels: naturally or artificially. Currently, there is not enough scientific data available to classify either method as better than the other.

Lose Weight – Excessive weight can be both a cause and an effect of low testosterone levels. Several studies have shown that patients who reduce their weight also have increased levels of circulating testosterone.

Strength Training – Since testosterone plays a role in muscle mass, intense strength routines can increase the levels of testosterone. A lower number of reps paired with increased weights should be prioritized over anything else.

Reduce Stress – Cortisol, the hormone released during stress is known to reduce or even completely block the positive effects of testosterone. Reducing daily stress levels decreases the amount of circulating cortisol, therefore increasing the effect and levels of testosterone.

Best Testosterone Supplements

One alternative to natural remedies is to use the best testosterone supplements to increase one’s levels of circulating testosterone. Here are some of them:

D-Aspartic Acid - Recent studies have shown that D-aspartic acid is responsible for increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone. In turn, the luteinizing hormone pushes the Leydig cells to produce more testosterone.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D can be obtained either through sunlight exposure of through vitamin D3 supplements. Both solutions have been shown to greatly increase the levels of testosterone in patients.

Ginger - Ginger works in a similar way to D-aspartic acid by increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone. A 17% increase in testosterone levels was observed over the course of a new study.

DHEA – Dehydroepiandrosterone is one of the most studies testosterone-boosting supplements that are currently available on the market. Patients usually experience an increase of 20% in their testosterone levels after taking 50-100mg of DHEA every day.

Some Facts About The Magic Stop Smoking Pill

You may be one of millions who get trapped by catchy ads of ‘magic pills’ that can cure you of your smoking habit without any effort. It is all tall talk. There is no such wonder drug. So, don’t wait for miracles to happen, and start making an effort to get rid of your smoking habit.

Well, I am afraid I have some bad news for you. It doesn’t exist yet. You still have to want to quit and put some effort in of your own. Yes, you read that right. You need to make the change and implement it of your own accord.

Regarding the ‘magic pills’, look at some interesting statistics:

* Quitting cold turkey is successful for approximately 3% of people (keep in mind that those 3% may not have quit on their first attempt).

* Most off the shelf pharmaceuticals claim efficacy of doubling your chances (6%) to increasing them fivefold (15%) at best.

* Other newly released products claim nearly twenty times the effectiveness of cold turkey. However, this rate of success was achieved by giving huge incentives. There was a fully supportive group and a team of team of doctors and counselors watching over them and testing each phase, and to top it all, they were paid for their efforts as well. Any one would quit smoking if someone else is willing to spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to help them do it! But, this is not the ground reality. How many people would be fortunate to get into this select group? In the ultimate analysis, this improved wonder drug will ultimately fall into the same percentages as every other pharmaceutical offering.

So we have 6%-15% success rate. Not the magic 100% everybody, including the pharmaceutical companies, want. Now don’t get me wrong, smoking cessation aids help – sometimes. But they help infinitely more if you place your faith in yourself and your ability to achieve your stop smoking goal as opposed to placing all your bets on a pill or a patch.

You may argue that if you had the willpower, you wouldn’t seek such measures in the first place. True, will power has to be built slowly and steadily. But the first step here is education and information. You should be aware of the real truths about your smoking habit and what it really takes to rid yourself of it. Since you cannot grasp all the information from an article or even a series of articles, you need to take a fully developed program that leads you step-by-step to your goal. There are several fully encompassing information programs to help you meet this goal.

I encourage you to seek out all the information you can find about smoking, nicotine, quitting and the benefits of quitting. You’ve spent years or decades developing your smoking habit, so now spend a few days or weeks even, finding the information that will help you quit without relying on a ‘magic pill’ to do it for you.

You’ll find that the more you know, the more successful you will be. This advice doesn’t just apply to quitting smoking, but in everything you do in life.

The Role Of Antioxidants In Good Health And Healthy Living

Everyone has heard about the importance of a balanced diet for maintaining good health. Similarly, everyone knows that they should be getting exercise – or at the very least adding more activity into their days. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential – without it, you’ll find that your immune system starts to slack off a bit and you put yourself at a greater risk for catching a cold or coming down with the flu.

We all know what we should be doing, but let’s be honest: very few of us eat a balanced diet all of the time. Many of us make the choice to take the elevator rather than the stairs and we try to find a parking place that’s as close as possible to our destination rather than taking the opportunity to walk a little further. We also tend to let stress, work, social gatherings and more interfere with the amount of sleep that we’re able to get each night.

When we don’t go the extra mile to take care of ourselves, and when our immune systems start to falter because of it, we may not feel it right away. Soon, sluggishness starts creeping in. This sluggishness not only slows us down, it also ages us prematurely.

Fortunately, there’s something that we can do in order to maintain our young living. We can maintain our youth simply by adding antioxidants to our diet.

What are antioxidants? The simplest answer is that antioxidants are the vitamins and minerals found in foods that serve to fight off disease. The more complex answer is that antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, Vitamin A that are found in fruits and vegetables. By making an effort to add antioxidants to our diet, we can keep our young living going; we can keep ourselves healthier longer.

Antioxidants are, in effect, sponges that soak up the free radicals in our systems. By fighting the free radicals in our bodies – free radicals that are the result of less healthy foods that we eat, alcohol that we drink and smoke that we’re exposed to (whether we smoke cigarettes ourselves or are exposed to second hand smoke from friends, family members who smoke, neighbors in our apartment buildings or co-workers at the office) – by adding more fruits and vegetables to our diet and by adding young living essential oils, we are better able to maintain our good health and reduce the risk of developing some cancers and even heart disease and stroke.

Young living oils take the essential oils from lemons and oranges and combine them with Ningxia wolfberries, juices from blueberries and pomegranate, along with other nutrient sources. Those who add antioxidants in this way will find that they:

* have increased energy; that they have regained a sense of young living that doesn’t come from caffeine or other stimulants that effect you for a short while and then wear off leaving you to crash even harder, feeling more tired than you had before, and,

* help you to protect your body from the effects of a weakened immune system that comes from a lack of adequate self care.

However, increased energy and a sense of better health aren’t the only reasons why young living oils are beneficial to your body. The other reason is that the antioxidants serve to help your body to work more effectively. From boosting your immune function to helping your liver to better filter out toxins, from improving your cardiovascular function to maintaining the health of your eyes, you’ll find that antioxidants along with you living oils just help you to feel better.

While you may not always be able to make the time to eat balanced meals, you may not always be able to make time for a run or for time at the gym, you’ll find that increasing the antioxidants in your body with young living oils doesn’t take much time but still offers many of the same benefits. You’ll also find that, because the energy rush young living essential oils is all natural and without stimulants, not only won’t you crash out but also your sleep cycle is less likely to be disrupted.

Are these essential oils the magic bullet to good health? Not necessarily, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the key to young living.