Car Accident Lawyer to Trust

 Car accident can cause serious injuries. What most people don’t realize is the effects of many injuries don’t show right after the accident. In many cases, it takes several days to weeks for the effects of injuries to show up. This is the reason why people who are involved in car accident often ignore their condition and won’t get examined or seek treatment from medical professional. That’s a big mistake because when they claim the injuries as the result of accident, ICBC can argue the injuries are unrelated thus rejecting the claim.

Initial assessment is very crucial but it is understandable that getting into accident is already frustrating enough. When you have no serious injuries shown right away, you won’t bother to go to the nearest ER and not to mention the fact most people don’t have family physicians. This is one big reason why you need to have a capable car accident lawyer you can call right after the accident and ready to make sure your best interests will be served. You need a lawyer like the ones from Ng Sidhu, a Vancouver based law firm. One of the legal specialties of this firm is personal injury law and this firm has been representing many accident victims in claims against ICBC with high success record.

Ng Sidhu Law Firm has a highly experienced car accident lawyer with comprehensive expertise in this legal field. The lawyer will represent you and protect the legal rights since the very beginning of the case. What differentiate this law firm with other personal injury law firms, it has strong network of medical practitioners all over Canada’s mainland so you can get medical examination and treatment right after the accident and get initial medical assessment to support your claim. Learn more about this law firm and how they can represent your legal interests from the website.