Good Health And Fitness Is The Key To Anti Aging Antiaging Is About Skincare?

We the baby boomers, that is those aged about 40 and above make up about one quarter of the world’s population and are growing older rapidly. Considering that most of these baby boomers have already established their careers, have accumulated savings with disposable income, having grown up or fast growing up children and would probably owned their own homes, what do they want next? A secret antidote to stop the aging process would be nice isn’t it?

Business owners are quick to capitalize on this rich and growing market dreaming up multitudes of anti aging products and services to cater to the baby boomers. The fear of growing old and the loss of youth and vitality are so real that these industries are doing businesses in the tune of billions of dollars every year. Products like slimming pills, health care, skincare and look good products are so highly in demand that you see these companies pitching their products in multi million advertising campaigns. Some of these products do work very well but most don’t.

Of all the products and services catering to the baby boomers, skin care anti aging products seems to be spearheading the charge and raking in immense profit. Consumers persuaded by advertisements of skin care companies promising face lift without surgery, wrinkles vanishing creams and a host of other variations are snapping up these products real quick. Men are also not spared from the marketing onslaught and lines of men’s skincare products are now plentiful too.

Do you know what can be the best anti aging weapon against the effects of aging? Nope, it is not the skincare products that you can buy off the shelves. It is looking after your own health and fitness.

Do you remember the good old days when you are able to play robust games, climb trees, cycle long distances and enjoying them? Are you able to do these things with gusto these days? If not, why not? That is because your health and fitness is slowly and surely deteriorating as you age. We are putting on body fat faster because our metabolism is slowing down. From the age of about 25, our body starts to produce less and less growth hormones leading to deterioration of body tissues and the process to replace and repair tissue cells is being comprised more and more as we age. That is why we recover slower from diseases, muscles are getting smaller and weaker, bones are getting brittle and wrinkles start forming. In other words, we are slowly dying.

To counter these aging effects, we have got to keep ourselves fit and healthy. By improving our fitness and health levels, we are able to slow down the aging process. We protect muscle and bone loss by lifting weights. With cardio exercises, we strengthen our hearts and lungs and improve our immunity keeping deadly age related diseases and obesity at bay. We will regain some the energy and vitality of our youthful days making daily chores so much easier to handle. Best of all, exercises reduces stress, improve your posture and adds a healthy glow to your skin. And you know what? It is free.

So isn’t improving your health and fitness is the best antidote to the aging process? I know because I refuse to let age defy me. So with good healthy eating habits a regular dose of exercise, I am able to play competitive soccer with people half my age, enjoy mountain tracking and scuba diving now and then. That to me is a much more fulfilling and enjoyable life than having jars of anti aging pills and skincare creams sitting on my shelf and burning a gaping hole in my pocket.

Healthy Diet Fitness Tips

Healthy diet fitness is essential if you are trying to get into shape. Before you start doing any type of exercise program, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. Discuss your health diet fitness goals, and ask for guidance in coming up with an effective exercise routine. It is important that you start slow and work your way into longer and harder work out sessions. You can hurt your body if you push yourself too hard in the beginning. You are also less likely to stick with the exercise routine if you push too hard in the beginning.

The best health diet fitness tip I can give you is to get yourself moving. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you get as long as you get some. In fact, the more you like the activity, the more likely you are to stick with the exercise routine. Choose several types of exercise you enjoy doing so you can alternate between them. This will keep you from getting bored with the some routine every day. Make exercising fun rather than something you dread and avoid.

You are going to have to make time for health diet fitness to work for you. We all have busy lifestyles, but if you have time to watch TV then you have time to exercise. Try to do it right after work if you are going to be exercising outside of your home. This is because most people aren’t motivated to venture back out once they have come home in the evening. Schedule your health diet fitness routine into your daily schedule and do not use that block of time for anything less than an emergency.

If you are planning to work out at the gym or at home, make sure you understand the correct way to do the exercises. For health diet fitness, you need to do each one properly. Failure to do so can result in the exercises not working for you to get into shape or lose weight. This can also result in your causing injuries to your body. Know your physical limits. If an exercise calls for touching the floor and you can only reach your ankles then do the best you can. Make it a goal to be able to reach the floor in the future and continue to do the very best you can.

Make sure you take time to warm up and cool down regardless of the health diet fitness program you are involved in. You need to give your muscles a chance to stretch before and after you exercise. Never skip warming up or cooling down or you can cause severe injury to your body. You will also find your muscles ache more the next day because they have tightened up.

Health diet fitness involves making sure the exercise routines you participate in are approved by your doctor as well as fit with your physical capabilities. You didn’t get out of shape overnight so don’t anticipate getting back into shape that quickly. Make sure you make time to participate in your health diet fitness routine that you have chosen. Challenge yourself to stay committed to the time you have set aside for exercise. You will start to feel better after just a few weeks of doing so.

The Key To Solving Obesity: Repairing Broken Biology


When you’re overweight and want to lose weight, you might be a lot like me –I don’t want to read a lot of bleak statistics on how I have a 60% chance of becoming fat, how I have a greater than 97% chance of regaining the weight I lose, and how sick I am because of my fat. Not unless I know I have an answer first – only then can I handle the statistics.


So let’s start with the solution first and then get into all the other bleak news. This way you can hold all the bleak news at bay in your mind while you lock onto the solution with hope.


You Really Can Lose Weight and Body Fat – and It’s Already Proven


Belly fat really can come off your body if you do weight loss right – and from a scientific perspective that involves substances from nature the way God intended them for you.


What many people seem to forget is that fat cells act differently in skinny people compared to those who are overweight. In those who are overweight, an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase that is supposed to be breaking down stored fat for energy is not working too well. This makes it possible for the weight to continue to be packed onto the body – with no weight loss in sight. You could call this enzyme a fat-removing enzyme.


Inside the citrus fruit and South American herb called guarana is the antidote: biologically active flavonoids that kickstart the hormone sensitive lipase to start working again. Guarana is an herb used frequently by Brazilians – and those who use it generally have less obesity, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome.


What the Studies Showed – You Won’t Believe It!


In one French study, patients started decreasing body fat 5.53% after using these two herbs for only one month. After 12 weeks, the same rate of burning fat continued and the subjects lost 15.6% body fat. They lost an average of almost 12 pounds over the 12 weeks. The fat loss (and weight loss) is a big deal, as many people who are on diets or trying different supplements for weight loss may not get anywhere near that percent loss of body fat.


The fat loss from these two natural supplements was confirmed to be greatly a loss in white abdominal visceral fat, which is responsible for causing inflammation in the body. When the scientists tested their inflammatory markers, there was a drop in them by about 20% as well.


The usual dosage of guarana is anywhere from 450 mg to 1.4 grams per day.


Fat cells located in the belly are miniature assembly lines for creating inflammatory signaling molecules that cause chronic diseases. Some of these signaling molecules are tied to insulin resistance.


How Insulin Can Help or Harm You


Your body can use protein, fat or carbohydrate for energy. But if you’re eating too many carbohydrates during a meal and the day, then insulin levels shoot up by up to five times normal levels, and this shifts your metabolism in favor of storing fat instead of burning it. For the next 18 hours, you’ll store any calories you eat from any type of food, good or bad.


Insulin helps you by taking the sugar out of the blood and putting it in the muscles for you to burn it there. This is how the process should happen. But often it doesn’t – such as when you are eating far too many carbohydrates than you should. With excess sugar in the blood, your muscles can’t possibly take it all in. The excess then get deposited on your organs, causing dysfunction there in time.


Insulin keeps the fat inside fat cells.  Thus, your trick to master during dieting is to keep insulin levels at normal levels, never elevated. This means staying away from certain foods that spike the insulin such as foods with more than 15 grams carbs per serving, and many of the fake sugars. For example, xylitol may seem like it’s a white wonder but in reality, it spikes insulin levels – and this action alone is the bane of every dieter. Other non-nutritive sweeteners do the same thing.

Are You Overweight or Obese?


The truth about being overweight or obese is hard sometimes to handle, but after you find out, you can do something about it. The test that gives you the answer is your BMI or body mass index. All you need to know is your height and weight to calculate your BMI, and there are BMI calculators online.


Overweight is a BMI of 25 or greater and obesity is a BMI of 30 or greater.


What Excess Fat Does To You


Excess fat is a killer. The old days of believing that someone could be happy and obese are over. They may look happy on the outside but on the inside, many problems are occurring that will eventually catch up to you. Here’s a list of some of them:


  • Increased pressure on joints
  • Overworked heart and other organs
  • Increased inflammation in the body, which increases body pain
  • Increased risk for developing breast cancer, endometrial cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, gallbladder cancer.


How Did the Whole Obesity Epidemic Start?


Something dramatically changed in the environment that caused the obesity epidemic and has caused 60% of the population to be overweight:  and that is sugar, according to health experts. In the 1970s, media campaigns focused on how bad fat was for the body. Low fat foods showed up on the grocery store shelves. Fat was replaced by sugar.  Do you remember this era?


Sugar is now known to be addictive, more than cocaine, according to neurologists.  And when breakfast cereals are 30% sugar, you don’t have a chance to recover your blood sugar levels for the rest of the day – or your will power.


Fifty percent of the foods you wouldn’t imagine have sugar actually do have sugar. For example, why is sugar in breads? Or ketchup? Or fruit juices? Or on nuts?


We can’t stop eating the sweet stuff.  Try to eat one little chocolate square – and be successful at it and you’re probably one in a million.


Even though you may know that sugar causes aging, it may still be difficult to say no to candies, cookies, cakes and other foods laced with sugar. Sipping on pop all day will also affect your hormones that control appetite. This is the sugar culture we have created.


Hunger is Fake Hunger When You Eat Sugary Foods


Hunger is a survival mechanism. When you eat food because of hunger pains, you’re able to live for another day.


You’re supposed to be hungry during the day. However, many people don’t know the sensation of hunger anymore. When they go on a good diet, hunger comes back as it should. Hunger shouldn’t be a feeling that totally overwhelms you and drives you to eat things that you shouldn’t be eating. Real hunger brings with it a feeling of what you’re supposed to eat – good foods.


Hunger Hormones – Ghrelin, Adiponectin and Leptin


The hormone Ghrelin tells you it’s time to eat. Scientists now know that fructose completely bypasses the hunger signals – and sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose. Thus, you’ll keep eating even though you shouldn’t.  Many fruits are also high in fructose, which is why it’s quite easy to pack on the pounds if you drink fruit juices all day long.


Adiponectin increases the breakdown of fat in muscle and helps insulin work better in muscle and liver. Adiponectin also keeps your blood sugar and triglyceride levels normal. Those who are obese have the lowest levels of adiponectin – and low levels are also tied to heart disease, hardening of the arteries, and diabetes.


Leptin is another hormone secreted from our fat cells that tells us to stop eating while simultaneously increasing your energy expenditure or exercise. Leptin levels are disrupted when someone is overweight or obese.  In fact, you may have heard the term, “leptin resistance” which I another synonym for obese.


Because of these hormones found in fat, we now know that fat is not inactive; it is metabolically active in the body. And we also know that being overweight is associated with imbalances in these hormones.


The Biggest Problem in the American Diet is High Carbs


The large jump in carbohydrate levels in the American diet since the 1960s is one of the biggest reasons for the obesity epidemic. However, if you eliminate the sugar in the diet, you can begin to beat obesity and overweight. You can also beat the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that come with eating sugar.


But while you’re doing that, eliminate the high fructose corn syrup, too. This food chemical has been clearly linked to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease and gout and is a set up for heart disease.


It makes sense to eliminate the sugar in the diet of children. Obesity among children has increased and this contributes to heart disease, diabetes and other degenerative health problems at an early age.  According to statistics on Dr. Mercola’s website, your child’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes is 28% if only 1-2 beverages sweetened with sugar are drunk daily. Your child has a 60% chance of being obese if he or she consumes the 17 teaspoons of sugar in a large 20-ounce bottle of Coke only once a day.


Don’t depend on the schools to feed your children right either! Soft drinks are served at school and school lunches are mostly made up of processed foods.  Then to top off the problem, your children come home from school, turn on the television, and are exposed to advertisements for sugary foods and beverages. These foods also contain artificial sweeteners, chemicals, pesticides and are genetically-engineered.


What To Do Right Now If Your BMI is 25 or Greater


  1. Teach yourself and your children what real food is. Real food is food that has not been doctored up with chemicals, additives, sugar, pesticides, and GMO processes, and is not prepared in such a way to lose nutrients through cooking. Making excellent food selections is the first step – and it goes far to bring back your health.
  2. You have to stop eating sugar in all its forms, including fake sugars such as Splenda. Stop the high fructose corn syrup, too. Give yourself an adaptation to this process – you might start out with eliminating bad beverages first, then proceeding on to eliminating boxed foods with sugars, then desserts. Remember the addictive nature of sugar – and treat it as such. Withdrawing it suddenly can cause depression because of the effect on the brain.
  3. Avoid the fruit juices. Instead, eat the fruit. This way you won’t get too many carbohydrates all at one time, which will most certainly affect your blood sugar levels and the release of insulin in the body.
  4. Don’t be afraid of good fats like coconut, olives, raw nuts, eggs, palm oil, avocados, and butter made from grass fed cow milk.
  5. Consider taking the supplement made of citrus and guarana, about 1.4 grams per day.
  6. Count carbs, not calories. A low carb diet will automatically lower your insulin and blood sugar levels.
  7. You don’t have to starve when you lose weight. You can eat like a king on a Paleo diet and still lose weight and fat.
  8. Control your insulin production with proper choice of foods that won’t skyrocket the insulin levels. You could see a difference in your weight pretty quickly with this one alone.
  9. Make sure you consult a doctor who can properly evaluate your thyroid function. Your thyroid controls the rate you burn calories.
  10. Leptin or other hunger hormones are probably not likely the solution. You could try them, but focus on the other steps first.
  11. Exercise! Find joy in it.




You can lose weight. Stop following the fads and instead, start learning as much as you can. The scientific information is out there for you to learn and widely accessible.


Start to understand the insulin/fat relationship. You may even ask your doctor to test your insulin levels, as well as thyroid hormones, which also control weight loss.


If you control insulin levels, you can control your weight. Turn on the fat burning enzymes with proper food, the proper type of exercising and hormones in balance. A little extra help with the citrus / guarana extract sold by Life Extension Foundation.